Warm and Dry… Almost Summer!

June 10th, 2007

The weather has turned very warm!  Well, hot is more like it… we didn’t get the rain we had hoped for, and the ground is drying out very quickly.  The plants already need water, and the pond water is evaporating quickly… it’s down about 2 feet now.  We have guests visiting and will enjoy some cookouts on the BBQ, and watching the kids run and play.  Time for me to catch up on some homework and other projects as well.  But the grass is growing nicely where I planted seed… the challenge will be to keep it watered.  We’re looking forward to the next rain!

Taking pictures of butterflies is a little challenging… they fly around so fast I can hardly get them in focus.  So when I see one, I get the camera and take a few pictures.  Sometimes I get lucky… this is a nice picture of a Red Admiral.

A Red Admiral butterfly 


We are still enjoying the flowers as they bloom throughout the spring, and this patch of Cosmos is really nice.

Cosmos flowers in spring

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