Family Time

June 11th, 2007

We had a nice BBQ and family gathering yesterday.  The four adult sons have not been together with their families since 2004… so it was really neat to see everyone.  The kids ran and played, the adults relaxed and ate… pork tenderloin, chicken, bratwurst… too much!  And there was even a toddler in the group.  It’s nice to have these times together, they are too far in between for many families, ours included. 

The kids enjoyed going around the “lake” in the paddle boat!

A paddleboat makes for great fun on the water

Speaking of families… the barn swallows have left the nest!  In this picture a few days ago, the young were tiptoeing around the outside of the nest with one of the adults watching from the perch on the lights.  The other is one of the fledglings.

 Barn Swallows preparing to leave the nest

The next day they were already flying!  They return to the nest, or the rooftop, at times during the day and in the evening.  Soon they will be flying longer and farther out, leaving the nest behind entirely.  The adult barn swallows may try to raise another brood this year- we’ll have to see.

Barn Swallows have begun flying and return to the nesting area during the day

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