Busy Days

June 14th, 2007

This will be a slow week for posting to the blog…  too much going on with visiting and classes.  I’m trying to catch up on class work and get a little done around the house.  But we don’t see our brother and his family very often so we are enjoying their visit.  On a sad note, our little Princess the cat broke her foot/paw last night.  We’re not sure where or how, but she didn’t come in last night, and this morning she limped up to the door.  So she’s at the Vet for a few days while he tries to splint it.  She’s always out hunting, so who knows what happened.  Sparky (her brother) sprained a leg about 6 months ago, but it healed fine.  I’ve noticed he doesn’t climb trees or go up to the roof much anymore… I think he learned there are some things better left alone!  Hopefully Princess will be as good as new in a few weeks.  I’ll try to update the blog as I can this week, but stay with me if I miss a few days!

Princess the cat walks back to the house

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