Home Again!

June 19th, 2007

We had a fun weekend camping and boating with relatives… I almost didn’t want to come home!  And then the internet was down for over a day…  we have satellite internet, and I couldn’t figure it out.  After many calls we finally resolved the issue and are back on line.  May have to think about DSL that recently arrived in our area. 

This picture is from last week before we went camping.  The young one and his cousin swam in the pond and played on floatie-boats with squirt guns.  We found out the hard way that you can’t really “paddle” or “steer” these boats, so we put them in at one end of the pond and let the wind blow them to the other end.

 The boys had fun floating on the pond

But we had a great weekend camping and just relaxing at Clearwater Lake in south-central Missouri.  Sitting around the fire and talking, then taking the boats out to run around the lake.  I’ll try to put some pictures on the site… Now if I can figure out what I did with the camera?

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