Welcome Summer!

June 22nd, 2007

Hot, humid and busy days this week.  Summer is upon us, and the temperatures agree… it was 90 F today and sunny.  I’ve always been one to enjoy air conditioning here- the humidity is so high it can be overpowering in the afternoons.  We have not had enough rain the past month, and so much needs watering.  I can hardly keep up with all the hoses… some day maybe we will put an irrigation system around the house and property- that would be wonderful!  But here are a few pictures of the young lab at the lake- it was nice to be in the water. 

This picture was overexposed, but with a little adjustment it made a neat black and white picture.  He’s such a happy Labrador Retriever!  The puppy became quite the “boat dog.”  He loved jumping to the dock, or just sleeping in the boat.  And he “fell in the water” a few times as well.  Swam like a pro and climbed back up the ladder!

A Black and White picture of the happy Labrador


 I had fun being pulled on a tube behind the boat.  It was my first time, and yes- I finally fell out…  You can see the big splash… that’s me!

Falling out of the tube with a big splash


Another picture of the Yellow Lab… he enjoyed laying down in the front of the boat.  It was fun to have him with us!

Yellow Labrador Retriever

2 Responses to “Welcome Summer!”

  1. Wonderful pictures. Very nice blog.
    I have an Aunt, Uncle and Cousins who live in Missouri. Not near hills tho…flat as anything in their area.

  2. Hi Gretchen- Thanks for the comments! Yes, Missouri has many different land types… are they up north near Iowa or Kansas?

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