Summer Rain

June 24th, 2007

We got rain!  Well, at least some rain… a little rain.  But I’m not complaining, and any rain we get is welcome.  The week ahead looks dry, so it was nice to cool off for a day with the clouds.  This morning I awoke early to a misty fog surrounding the landscape after moist drizzle yesterday.  I spent some time in the garden trying to weed the rows of vegetables.  The grass and weeds grows so fast it’s hard to keep up with.  But if we take a little time each day, the garden will grow. 

This spiderweb was high up in a tree, and the morning dew helped it stand out for the picture.

 A spider web in an Oak tree

The clouds billowed up in the sky yesterday, with rumbles of thunder in the distance.  Then the rain came, heavy for a brief time, and then periods of drizzle.  It wasn’t much really, but it sure was nice!

 The clouds billow high up in the sky before rain

I love seeing rain on the pond… the water level has dropped a few feet already, but with luck we’ll get more rain through the summer to help it stay full.

Rain falls gently on the pond

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