Quieter Days

June 25th, 2007

It really feels like summer now… days when the wind is calm, but temperatures are high.  The birds chirp more quietly, and grasshoppers are seen flying briefly around the hillsides.  The drone of various insects pulsates through the air, and the dogs seek the shade near the house.  The world seems to slow down on days like this.  

I took a picture of the sun shining on a grassy slope near the pond.  I leave this area uncut to help prevent erosion.  I’ll cut it toward the end of summer with a special mower.  I like how the light filters through the trees to bring color to the tall grass.

The grass shines with color in the afternoon light


We have lots of bees, and Bumblebees too!  The Lamb’s Ears are almost finished flowering, and the Bumblebees seem to love it immensely.  In fact they are the only consistent insects I noticed on the Lamb’s Ears.  Did you know there is even a Bumblebee Conservation Trust?  Apparently they are endangered in some regions around the world.  Although they can sting, I like having them around as pollinators… but they didn’t seem to like me when I was moving their plants around the garden! They mostly just buzz around until another flower is found. 

A BumbleBee enjoying the flowers on the Lamb™s ears


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