Catching Up and Moving On

June 26th, 2007

I feel like a mole these past few days…  I’ve been mostly inside working on research and classwork for my graduate program.   The basement offers a cooler (and quieter!) refuge during the day, but it’s like a time warp… I sit down to work on some projects, and the hours pass almost without noticing.  Another week and I should be able to slow down somewhat… I’ll finish one of my classes and concentrate on the other.  But we’re still hoping for more rain!  Later today I’ll get outside to do some watering.  Our little cat Princess is doing better- she wears a cast on her broken paw, and the Vet says she’s doing well.  The leg will heal, but she may walk funny for a while.   We had an unplanned event over the weekend…. after returning from our son’s ballgame in town, we came home to find there wasn’t any water pressure!  So after checking every alternative and possible problem, I called the water well-drilling company to check our well pump.  They came out and found the pump not working, and had to position the truck with a 30 foot boom over top the well near the patio.  Then they pulled up the pump in twenty foot sections of pipe… almost 400 feet!  The pump was fine, but the electrical wiring had frayed and broken in several places. So after repairing the broken wires, they lowered the pump back in, taping the wires carefully as they went along.  After a few hours, voila!  We had water once again.  Nothing like having your water shut off to make you really appreciate it!  The well casing is steel, and a great deal of rust and metal particulates needed to be flushed through the water system.  I let the water run, and then routed the water through a filter to catch the sediment and particulates.  Yesterday we put a new filter in and replaced the refrigerator filter as well.  All is fine now, and hopefully the pump will run for many more years.  I can’t wait to see the bill from the well-drilling company…  Between the cat’s broken paw and the repair bill for the well, our budget is taking a hit this month.  It’s important to plan for the future, and work towards the vision we have for our lives.  But so often it’s the unplanned events that affect us in the short-term.  We don’t have to let it derail our progress, but simply adjust and move on.  Just the nature of things… life is nothing if not full of change.  But now it’s back to school work!

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