The Gift of Rain

June 29th, 2007

Recently, I have been overjoyed by the rain we received this week… but like so much in life, what you think of something depends on how it affects you.  If you live in Texas or Oklahoma, the rain this week has come in floods and has made life very difficult to say the least.  Where we live the rain has fallen sporadically… sometimes heavy, but mostly just drizzle.  I’m not complaining however, because the ground was so dry that many plants had wilted.  I just didn’t find the time to water them all- and not even sure I could.  But we’ve had two days of rain, and after today we’ll be back to a hot, humid and dry period. Hopefully the summer thunderstorms will come during the weeks ahead. Yesterday I stood outside in the falling drizzle and felt so thankful for the water and cooler air.  We take so many things for granted, and in the absence of something like rain- which we normally just endure, it is a joy to embrace the gifts of nature when it comes again.

This morning the rain fell gently on the pond as wisps of fog floated across the water.

Rain falls gently on the pond


The garden is growing!  This picture was taken before the rain, and the plants have grown even more.  The sunflowers are getting taller along the back fence.  We have little green tomatoes that will be ready soon!

The garden is growing

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