Laundry Cats and Turtles

June 30th, 2007

A little more rain today, and generally cloudy. It was nice and cool- a pleasant change to early summer.  Tomorrow is July! Where the time goes I always wonder.  I was cutting the grass today, much without thinking- and realized it is days like this I truly enjoy.  When the temperature is 65-70 degrees F, one hardly notices the weather. 

I came in the house yesterday and found the cats snuggled in the laundry basket.  So they posed for a picture… they are siblings, although it doesn’t look like it. We have not let them out in a couple weeks while the “Princess'” leg is healed.  She doesn’t seem to mind, and hobbles about.  She did get out once, and when clattering down the driveway… freedom!  But we caught up with her, and back she went until her leg heals.  The cast will stay on her leg for up to 6 weeks according to the Vet.  But they sure do cry and “meow” to be let outside…

The cats snuggle in the laundry basket

 This morning I was looking at the pond and noticed two pond turtles on the surface. One was larger than the other, and they were about 15 feet apart.  If they are the same species, then the large one is a female.  But the little one swam quickly toward the larger, and they met briefly with a little splash, and then separated… I never saw that before.  They floated for a minute, and then sank into the depths.  I caught a picture of them when they met each other… I wonder what they were up to!

Two turtles meet in the water with a little splash what are they up to?


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