The Dog Days of Summer

July 6th, 2007

Oh the humidity!  The Dog Days of summer seem to be upon us… the expression comes from the “Dog Star” Sirius, and how it is in “conjunction” with, or rises and sets with the sun during the warmest times of the year.  July and August are the typical “dog days” months… and we are certainly feeling the heat and humidity.  It was nice this morning however, just to walk around at dawn with the air calm.  One of those days that you know it’s going to be hot!  We are watering the garden thorougly now, and the plants are growing well.  Except for the lonely pepper plant that was almost totally eaten by a tomato horn worm last night!  It’s time to cut the grass again, but I’ll wait for the evening hours when it’s cooler.  The rain missed us this week, and the forecast is not very promising.  Time to load the plastic barrel in the golf cart and wander around the property watering the most thirsty plants and trees! 

The pond at dawn on a July morning… all is calm, and the treetops are highlighted by the sunrise.  It is nice to see the world awaken and enjoy the cooler air.  I should be out cutting the grass instead of taking pictures!

The pond in summer at dawn


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