Clouds Go By

July 7th, 2007

It was time to cut the grass today, or should I say the weeds?  Maybe a little of both…. when it is very dry the weeds seem to thrive while the grass becomes dormant.   I cut it higher so that it doesn’t get burned out by too much sun.  While cutting with the tractor, the Barn Swallows love to fly in front and behind as I cut, catching the small insects that are blown around by the discharge of the mower.  

This morning I also saw two cute little bunny rabbits… in our garden!  Arrgghh!   Those little sneaks are in the garden at night and early in the morning, but when I see them they run back to the woods and fencelines.  They have eaten the bean plants, and what was left of the lettuce.  The dogs keep them away during the day, but at night they sleep in the kennel. I think the rabbits know their schedule!

I saw the neatest coulds the other day… I really enjoy how they can change so quickly, and reflect light in different ways.  Sometimes it only lasts a few minutes as they slowly drift past… 

The suns rays reflected behind a could

The sky is amazing with the sun’s rays shining from the clouds.

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