Lake Break

July 10th, 2007

We spent the last couple of days camping at Mark Twain Lake in northeast Missouri.  Rather than compete for campsites on the weekend, we spent Monday and Tuesday there for a quieter time.  Maybe we should have a family reunion get together… this would be a nice place!  It’s a wonderful Corps of Engineers maintained lake, with a nice system of parks and recreation areas.  There is very little development on the lake, so the shoreline is natural and forested.  It’s a nice place to explore, go boating and fishing, swimming and simply hang about the camp.  Although it was hot!  The sun was out and it was quite humid, but after the sun was down the evenings were nice with a gentle breeze off the lake.   The lake itself is named of course for Samuel Clemens’ famous persona, Mark Twain.  He was actually born in the very small settlement of Florida, Missouri, which sits almost in the center of the lake on a small peninsula.   As he grew up his parents moved from there to the more widely known town of Hannibal, Missouri.  A sign at the visitor center on the lake stated that when Clemens was a boy, he would return to the town of Florida and spend time on his relatives farm nearby.  But his early years growing up in the region provided the basis for his famous stories of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. 

The shoreline of the lake is beautiful, with a great diversity of wildlife in the area.  The fishing at the lake is reputed to be excellent as well… we were new to the lake for fishing, but we caught enough to have a fish fry for dinner one night!

The rocky shoreline of Mark Twain Lake

Our campsite was great.  It sat back from the park road, and offered a view of the lake through the trees.   We enjoyed the sounds of the forest, especially at night. The owls and insects were calling loudly, but one night I awoke to a rattling of pans and kitchen stuff on the table… it was a hungry racoon looking for his next meal at about 4:00 am!  I scared him off with a flashlight, and then went back to bed… sleep didn’t come, so it was an early day.

Our campsite looking through the trees to the lake

Now it’s back to work at the house- we still have not had much rain, but the forecast is promising!

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