The Garden Gives Back

July 13th, 2007

The garden is really coming along. It sure takes a lot of water! Yesterday we picked some tomatoes and our first cucumber. Oh, and some jalapeno peppers :) The little ones are nice, but some of them are really hot! I’ll have to find some recipes for them, maybe pickled jalapenos. Aside from keeping the weeds and bugs out of the garden, we’re just trying to help it along. We put some fertilizer down, and may try a few different products. But we’re trying to keep it organic and not use any chemicals for the bugs or weeds. It’s nice not to have to worry about what might be on the food we eat, and sometimes we can simply pick something and eat it right away. Soon it will be time for pickles also! I love pickles of all kinds and made eight jars last year. We have more cucumbers planted, so hopefully we’ll have a lot more pickles as well.

These are Sweet 100’s tomatoes. They did so well last year that we brought some starts home again. They produce dozens of little tomatoes per plant, well into the Fall season. And they’re delicious!

Sweet 1000™s tomatoes

I planted several zucchini plants also- they don’t look too well, but have started producing. Last year we only had a couple of zucchinis all summer… between the “squash bugs” and the hot weather, they just didn’t do very well. Here’s hoping for a few more this year…

The zucchini is growing!

The jalapeno peppers are really doing well though! One small plant produced these four peppers… while other plants don’t have any yet. They are tasty little things, but a little on the hot side! Anyone want a few? :)

Yummy little jalapeno peppers but hot!

And the Yellow Labrador is no dummy! He’s seeks a nice shady spot under the bench during the heat of the day.

Yellow lab seeks shade

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