T-Ball in the Summer

July 14th, 2007

Hot.  Oh- did I say that again?  Silly me…  going to a “T-Ball” game today for the little one.  Picture two teams of 5 and 6 year old kids standing in a hot, dry ball field at noon, with temperatures in the 90’s.  They have a hard enough time concentrating on the game as it is!  But as the old saying goes, “it builds character”.   And really, the kids love it- they get snacks and juice drinks after the game too.   And we usually go for ice cream afterwards…  what’s not to love?  And they even learn a little about baseball along the way!   It’s a good experience, whether he chooses to continue with the game or not in future years.  He can always say he played baseball as a kid!   And it’s fun to watch as parents… here’s a couple pictures from the last game:

Batter’s Up!  The young one concentrates on hitting the ball…

Batter™s Up!

It’s a hit!  He runs for first base while the other team scrambles for the ball.

Run for first base!

2 Responses to “T-Ball in the Summer”

  1. Ah, I remember those days. Now one of my babies is getting married and the other is starting medical school. (Plus the other baby teaching in Africa and the first baby currently in Italy.)

    Put your kids in as many activities as you can: t-ball, soccer, karate, scouts, art classes, cooking classes, etc. I think strongly that they should be exposed to and even participate in some sort of volunteer work, whether it’s helping mom and dad pick up trash or collect clothing for the poor or whatever.

    They’ll benefit from the range of experiences, and something just might stick and become a lifelong passion.

  2. Hi Pablo! Wow… you are blessed. I appreciate your insight- we hope to do just that. It must have been quite a circus with your kids and all the activities! I’m not sure how those with big families do it all sometimes. But he really enjoys being, and living… no real passion for anything yet. Yet he does have a yearning to help others, and to become a Veterinarian! We’ll see… I’m taking him trout fishing tomorrow. I’m mostly humbled by his insight and my own fatherhood! He’s growing so fast… Thanks again for your words-

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