A Reflection of Reality

July 15th, 2007

The reflections in the pond never cease to amaze me…  the other morning the pond was still, the air was calm and these trees reflected beautifully in the still waters.  It looks as if the picture is upside down.  Isn’t the world like that really?  So many things are a matter of perspective, and how we choose to look at things.  One day we face the stormy seas, the challenges of life, and it’s hard to look beyond the moment.  But then things settle down, and we look back and realize there is always choice and opportunity… and the ability to see beyond the tempest.  Sometimes, what we see is not really there… perhaps it is simply a reflection.  Or is it the reality we have created for ourselves?  I ask myself that question often, and try to remember that life isn’t any particular thing aside from what we choose to make of it.

 Trees reflected in the pond what is real?

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