His First Bicycle

July 18th, 2007

Summer is filled with other joys as well. One of those for us is watching the young one grow and learn. This past week he learned to ride a bicycle! He had the bike for a couple of years, but was frustrated by the difficulty and size of the bike. Early this summer he showed more interest, so we helped him practice riding it with training wheels.

Finally something clicked a few weeks ago and he rode all around with the training wheels. But quickly it became apparent that it was impeding his progress rather than helping him. I told him he was almost ready to ride without training wheels… “But I’m not ready for that!” he said. We practiced a few more days… I told him it was almost time… “Really?” He thought about it for a while. Then he was riding one day and kept falling down when the training wheels caught on the ground. He was becaming more frustrated with the bike, and I thought it was time.

“Okay, the training wheels come off!” I tell him. “Now?!” he says… “Sure, let’s try it” says I, not really being sure, but somehow thinking it was time. “Okay, here you go!” He climbed on and I gave a big push… Away he went, riding down the driveway, with a big, tentative smile on his face. Success! We worked with him a couple more days learning how to get started on his own, and now he’s unstoppable!

So the new passion for the six year old is riding his bike at all hours of the day… His Grandma visited the other day. I was nice to see her surprised and proud expression when seeing him riding around the driveway. Not to shabby for a six-year old… I didn’t ride until I was eight! Like many of us, he will probably remember his first bicycle, and how he learned to ride. Hopefully it will serve as a positive lesson for many other things he will learn. And for all of us, a summer to remember.

The 6-year old learns to ride his bike

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