Flowers in Summer

July 19th, 2007

I was looking back a few months and realized I’ve written about rain… many times!  I was thinking of doing so again, because we received a wonderful downpour as a cold front rolled through this afternoon.  I reflected on why I have written about rain so much…  And realized it was mostly because we have had so little!  I’m very excited each time it comes again.  Today was no exception, and we must have received a good half inch or more within an hour.  The next few days will be cool, and not humid… a relief to get a little more done outdoors this weekend.  It’s difficult to take decent pictures of rain however, so here’s a couple pictures from yesterday.

I’ve always appreciated Purple Cone Flowers… they can be invasive, but something about them invokes strength and solidity, if that makes any sense. 

 Purple Cone Flowers


We also have some pink flowers that look like Mallow.  I have no idea of the species, but they give a light, airy look to a border and are very drought tolerant!

Pink Mallow


We also have another brood of Barn Swallow’s that have hatched in the nest above the garage door light.  They should be out of the nest within a week or so.  In total, the adult swallow pair will have fledged eight young this year!  I saw about 25 or more swallows around the roof yesterday… they are gathering, and in a few weeks will depart on their gradual migration to South America for the winter.  I really like them, as long as all don’t try to build nests here next year! 

I zoomed in on this juvenile Barn Swallow… the picture is somewhat grainy after enlarging, but I love the view of the bird’s form in flight.

Immature Barn Swallow in flight


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