Morning Light in Summer

July 23rd, 2007

There’s something about the mornings in summer, especially if it’s cool.  Maybe just me, but everything is new again, peaceful and light, before the heat sets in.   There are always things to do, animals to tend to, watering that needs done… but the mornings are a brief, special time to get them done.  Sometimes I walk out early to let the dogs out of the kennel, and a rabbit or two are sitting just yards away in the grass, almost laughing at them.  The dogs are whining, staring at the rabbits… quivering with a chance to chase them.  But the rabbits take off running as I get close the kennel and the dogs look wistfully at the woods, knowing they would never get them.   I laugh, but secretly wish they could catch them! 

The morning sun glimpses briefly through the trees, before the day begins.

  The trees awake with the sun

The clouds are a palette of color as the sun rises… soon they too will brighten and lose their momentary hues.

Beautiful morning clouds in summer

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