Light and Uncertainty

July 25th, 2007

Often a picture can evoke feelings and thoughts that are hard to describe.  We may simply like a picture, or landscape for the value it presents in the moment.  Taken together, those moments coalesce to form the memories we choose to retain through our lives.  And sometimes we can’t help it, so strong are the feelings and emotions that we attach to our experience.

Life is like that for me in many areas.  There are moments at various times of the day when a landscape, an enjoyable experience, or simply the quiet beauty that surrounds me brings forth appreciation and a sense of wonder that is almost overpowering.  I spent a good many years away… away from everything at times, and focusing on challenges that the soul wrestled with to understand.   Yet now, I am filled with joy for the love of family, and the freedom to embrace each day.  Sometimes we don’t want our daily experience to end… it’s hard to let go, and we know that change will soon color the spectrum of memories we have shared throughout our lives.  Of course, sometimes we do want to forget however, and it is hard letting go.

We may find ourselves caught up in a moment or period of challenge where it is difficult to appreciate what is positive in our lives. Through it all however, our perspectives and thoughts are but a momentary part of the continuity of our lives, and the world around us… yet those thoughts and perspectives are an essential aspect because of how we constantly experience “us” as we go through life.  God presents so many opportunities, and it’s often difficult to understand how we may live according to His ways.  So we press on, and shape the direction of our life through those thoughts and perspectives, and the choices we make. Gaining a sense of detachment, perhaps a wider perspective, is important at times because it allows us to be open to new possibilities and growth.  Fear and uncertainty can often cloud one’s ability to maintain this sense of being… finding the “distance” from a problem to evaluate choices and make positive decisions.  We don’t have to live in fear however, and you can, as someone once told me, “Make uncertainty your friend.”

Light among the darkness

There is always light, hope or possibility to be found if we choose to see it.  We have only to allow ourselves the chance to let go and embrace uncertainty…change… as we grow through life with the knowledge that each moment is new, permanence is fleeting, and our days are filled with change.  And God is with us… always present, and guiding.  I don’t always know how to accept God’s presence  (presents!) in terms of my daily journey, but I think that He wants us to trust, and to embrace the change and uncertainty in our lives.  By doing so, we may reveal experience and opportunity that we have never considered before.  It is there… it is always there!

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