What Sunflowers Do

July 27th, 2007

Is there anything that brightens up a garden more than a Sunflower?  Perhaps, but it’s neat to see how fast and tall they grow.  This one is actually the size of a dinner plate, and stands over 7 feet tall!  I love how in early morning they face the rising sun, and as you walk by the garden again later, they have turned to follow the sun on its daily journey across the sky.  And in the evening they are turned towards the west, as if saying “Goodnight!”   They grow with very little care, and if left alone will provide a lot of sunflower seeds for the birds in Fall.


A dinner plate sized Sunflower in July

“Keep your face to the sunshine
and you cannot see the shadow.
It’s what sunflowers do.”
                                                                  Helen Keller

2 Responses to “What Sunflowers Do”

  1. Linda Johnson

    I like your website, particularly your photographs — but I wish you posted them in a larger size!

    I was unfamiliar with this poem by Helen Keller; thank you.

  2. Hi Linda- Thanks for your comment and stopping by :)

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