Yellow Labrador Retriever at 10 Months

July 28th, 2007

The “pup” is a now a 75 pound package of unbridled energy.  His personality is really coming through, and I’m very pleased that he’s such a good companion.  He has a mischievious streak… he loves to “retrieve” almost anything, whether inside the house or out!  He loves nothing better than finding a stuffed toy or shoe, or even a dish towel.  He walks up with his prize in his mouth, beaming with pride at what he’s found.  I tell him “Oh, thank you!” and he turns his head, not wanting to relinquish his new toy.  So I try to channel his energy outdoors… he loves chasing a tennis ball, and bringing it back to be thrown again and again.  This morning we walked around the fields and he put his nose to work.  He loves to swim as well, and will retrieve almost anything across the pond.  He actually tried “leaping” through the water towards a training duck… and finally settled down to swim steadily when he found it didn’t make him go any faster.  He also has the most intense stare… he doesn’t bark or whine, unless he really needs something like water, or to go outside.  Then it’s just a slight whimper.  Sometimes he awakes earlier than I do and is really hungry… I’ll hear a little high pitched “Aarrf!” and know he’s ready for breakfast.  Perhaps all Labradors are like this one… I don’t really know.  But I do know he’s one of the most gentle and good-hearted dogs I’ve ever been around. 

Yellow Labrador Retriever at 10 months

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