Summer Color

August 2nd, 2007

Although the summer has settled in heavily with the heat and low rainfall, there are still flowers blooming.  Butterfly Weed is a Missouri perennial wildflower common to prairies, fields and even roadsides.  It is another species of Milkweed and important for Monarch Butterfy larvae that feed on its leaves.  We found this one in the middle of a field that had been cut for hay in June.  Nature is amazing!

 Butterfly Weed blooming in Summer

Fox Haven Journal will be quiet for a few days as we seek cooler refuge on a river in the Missouri Ozarks.  We’ll be canoeing and camping for several days, but back again next week!

2 Responses to “Summer Color”

  1. I hope you bring back pictures of the float.

  2. Comin’ right up Sir! :)

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