Barn Swallows Move On

August 6th, 2007

     Home again after a wonderful canoe trip.  I’ll post more on that tonight or tomorrow, but first wanted to post a tribute to our avian friends, the Barn Swallows.  Last week I knew the time was close for them to depart on their southern migration routes.  They were flying all around the house with abandon, and perched everywhere, squeaking and chattering. I enjoyed watching them swoop and zoom, chasing each other, and the insects of course.  They were here when we left on Thursday, August 2nd.   Yesterday we returned from our canoeing/camping trip… as I sat outside in the evening it was eerily quiet.  Lots of buzzing insects around, and something didn’t seem quite right… and that’s when I realized all of a sudden that the Barn Swallows were gone!  They left over the weekend, about the same time as last year.   I’ll miss their antics and chatter…  until they return the first week of April next Spring.  Farewell friends!

Immature Barn Swallow in Summer

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