Summer Green

August 12th, 2007

     Somehow the light has changed in the mornings and evenings… and the sun is rising later as well.  I know the summer season will be winding down now, but I can just “sense” the differences with the light.  Actually I’m glad… it tells me that soon the days and nights will be getting cooler, and Fall will be upon us.  I have so many plans for the Fall season!  Much work around the house, clean-up, landscaping, outdoor activities… but I suspect not enough time to do them all.  That’s okay… little by little I suppose.  For now we can enjoy the days, and wake up earlier to find cooler air.  Yesterday I liked how the light brightened the trees and shrubs.

The leaves of the Redbud tree glow with the light of the rising sun.

 Leaves of the Redbud tree in Summer

The trees and grass surrounding the pond are beautiful green in the afternoon light… they are also very dry with the little rain we’ve had!

A landscape of green surrounding the pond © Fox Haven Media 2007

The Ferns are doing well in partial shade, with enough water!

Fern leaves in Summer

2 Responses to “Summer Green”

  1. I love that view of your lake across the kept lawn. How large is your lake in surface area do you suppose?

  2. Hi Pablo- I paced it and estimated it’s only 1.4 acres total, but it’s like a long triangle with the dam as the hypotenuse. It’s really a draw from a 30 acre watershed, much of which are hayfields beyond our property. It’s shallow to about 8′ deep over the first third, and then steadily deeper to about 24 feet in the middle near the dam.

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