The Bug I Appreciate the Least

August 14th, 2007

I love nature… I appreciate nature… I try not to be negative about things that bother me.  And I’m not one who is bothered by insects for the most part.  They can be a nuisance, but are part of life and the outdoors.  So for all the things I do appreciate… there is one at the bottom of the scale!  I had forgotten that the hot days of August also bring back this unwelcome visitor, the Horse Fly.   Their incessant buzzing and zooming while they try to land on you is really annoying.  Interesting little critters I’ll agree, but I simply can’t stand them. If they do bite you it’s not pleasant.  

Horse flies are big dudes… this one is on the eave of the house with the gutter to the right for comparison.

The Horse Fly pesky little buggers!

I once knew someone who would grab them and, brace yourself… pull their heads off!  Yuck.  But hey, whatever works for you!  I just give them a good swat and they usually go away.   Really they are only pesky for a month or so each year.  For some reason they thrive in the hottest months, but quickly fade away as Summer turns toward Fall.  Our Basset Hound cannot stand them either… he was bitten on his rump once and it swelled up for a week.  Now when he hears the buzzing, he bites at the air and runs away!   If you want to learn more, this site has some excellent information on the life cycle of the Horse Fly.



4 Responses to “The Bug I Appreciate the Least”

  1. I’m with you about horseflies.

  2. I say kudos to the person you knew who tore the heads off horse flies!

  3. Ha! Believe it or not, She didn’t like how they harassed her horses! I felt that way too… but I stood back in awe when I saw her catch them!

  4. […] all part of the experience and the beauty of our living natural world.  Thankfully my least favorite insect was not very abundant this year with all our cool summer weather! addthis_url = […]

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