Clouds and Imagination

August 16th, 2007

     Today started warm and humid with temperatures reaching almost 100 degrees F by noon.  But then the clouds rolled in with a welcome breeze… thunder rumbled in the distance, and we received a little rain.  Too little, but it was nice to receive any form of rain and see the sprinkles here and there.  The sky has been so empty of clouds for the past couple of weeks… I remembered today how much I love clouds, and pictures of sun and clouds… somehow it reminds me that life has depth, and is more than what we see at first glance.  They seem to provide a sense of vision at times, or gaining distance and perspective.  I feel a stronger tie with the world at large when I see clouds.  Maybe because I was a pilot for many years, and flew among them.  I remember soaring above, between and around the towering halls of clouds far across the world.  Sometimes they simply “are” and it’s a pleasure to see them.  Like many children, our young one loves to imagine different animals or creatures as he watches the clouds go by.  I do too, and for whatever reason I seem to take lots of “cloud pictures”… 

These clouds are silhouetted by the sun, almost as welcoming hands, or the wings of an angel.

 Clouds and sun as wings of angels

The towering cloud hills of an approaching storm, soon to cover all of the sky.

 Towering clouds look like hills as a storm approaches

With other clouds we use our imagination… sometimes it’s not too hard.  Here is my “Happy Face” cloud taken earlier this summer.   It looks like a happy old man to me.

The face of a cloud


4 Responses to “Clouds and Imagination”

  1. I think I have more of a “cloudy imagination.”

  2. Me too…and I think if it wasn’t for the 6 year old, I might not see a lot of things quite the same way :)

  3. I clicked on over from Roundrock Journal. Nice blog you have here. I agree with you on clouds. I grew up inn Las Vegas which could have some tremendous storms in the summertime. I would sit with my friends and watch them form. I still like doing this to this day. Through binoculars is one of my favorite ways.

  4. Thanks for visiting! I love Roundrock… I’ll have to try the binoculars bit- good idea!

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