Time for Pickles… Yum!

August 19th, 2007

A few years ago I started canning… trying to bring back a lost art, at least for me! More importantly, it was a way to use the abundance of vegetables we could grow in the garden, and keep some of that wonderful warm season foods for the winter.

So the journey began while making a batch of pickles from the garden cucumbers.  They turned out pretty tasty, but a little soft.  This year we have an abundance of cucumbers again, and I did some more canning last week.  Our garden is a work in progress… mostly the progress of weeds!  But the cucumbers and tomatoes are very forgiving.  Oh, and the jalapeno peppers have grown like crazy, so I canned a few jars of those too.

Aside from almost passing out when I got too close to the simmering broth, it went pretty well.  Pickles are probably the easiest… which is good for a beginner like me.  Now we have a bunch of jars for winter.  But I would love to learn how to can more vegetables, and maybe next year will get a pressure canner.  I’ve been a little hesitant to do the pressure canning yet, but we’ll see.  I love canned beans and stewed tomatoes, so that’s my goal for next year.  But the pickles sure look good!

Somewhere I read that grape leaves help keep the pickles crisp, so we threw in a leaf in each jar, and added some fresh dill and garlic seasoning with the mix.  The 6-year old helped with filling the jars…  he loves pickles too!  Do you can your vegetables?  And is it hard to really put up a variety for winter?  I’d love to hear from those of you who do a lot of canning!

Home grown cucumbers made into pickles!

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