Water… Again

August 20th, 2007

    Oh joyful rain!  At least here at Fox Haven.  I know some regions have had too much, and our hearts go out to them.  It’s almost inconceivable to understand how weather is so different, and dangerous from one place to another.   For us it has been too long without rain… and between last night and today we have received more rain than the previous two months combined.  Even the trees were showing stress from lack of water, and the ground was parched.  It rained heavily last night, turning to the steady drizzle that soaks the earth for hours.  Just what the plants love most.  Perhaps I won’t have to cart the barrel of water around this week on the golf cart.  Today was mostly overcast as well, presenting an opportunity for cleaning up and even washing cars.  As the low clouds blew quickly across the sky I sensed a change of the seasons.  The first day of school is Wednesday for the young one, and in many ways “summer” is really coming to an end.  My classes begin this week as well, and I’ll be immersed in books for the rest of the year.  My goals include keeping up with Fox Haven and the myriad of things that need done… as well as here on the journal!

The rain falls steadily on the pond.  The water level is probably near its lowest point for the year and will begin filling up through winter.

Rain falls steadily on the pond

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