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August 21st, 2007

It seems that many communities received far too much rain this week, and I feel for those whose homes, communities and lives have been changed by it.  Nature is so unpredictable, it makes you wonder where we fit in the scheme of things at times.  We go about our lives in a quiet and insulated perspective that exists around that which we know and are aware of. 

And yet in so many places, not so far away, there are people struggling with the world in which they live.  What can we do?  What should we do?  Perhaps our goals for contributing to charitable causes helps in some small way to alleviate the challenges that others face.  Some admirably choose to become involved personally in order to “make a difference.” 

Of course doing so takes nothing away from those who choose a different path for themselves.  In so many ways we are all “one” and part of the same whole on this great planet Earth.  When I really think about it, I wonder if the best thing I can do is simply to be the best person I can individually, and within the local family and community. 

I have to believe that the example and strength of that which we are in our own lives must relate exponentially throughout our existence, and that of others.  Change comes slowly for some, and seemingly not at all for others, but still it comes… often thrust upon us when we least expect it. 

I believe change can be embraced both as a frame of mind and an attitude serving in part as a foundation for the choices we make in our lives.  Small steps, choices and actions can lead to profound results over time.  We awake in the morning with a day full of opportunity… a blank page to be written upon by our thoughts and deeds.  Each new day, every morning we awake is full of promise.  It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes…

“The past is history, the future is a mystery, and this moment is a gift. 

That is why this moment is called ‘the present’.”

                                                                                                                                    Deepak Chopra

Summer dawn in August a new day!


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