School again… Letting Go to Grow

August 22nd, 2007

The cycle continues as school began again today for the young one.  He’s now a first-grader… not the little kindergartner anymore.  Sometimes as a parent it’s hard to let go of the context we hold about our children… we play catch-up with them as time passes, not really wanting to let go of the spirit and innocence of their youth.  We see them growing up, achieving new things, sometimes struggling along the way.  We try to help and be patient when they struggle, and to embrace their joy and excitement while learning new things.  And sometimes we can’t help but worry about the challenges they will face along the way. 

Society puts so many demands on young children these days.  There are many expectations and rules to follow, as well as academic learning challenges.  How can we best help them to face these challenges?  How do we help them learn at times when they just don’t understand, or keep making the same mistakes?  Many questions loom… to be answered only with the passing of time and experience.  More than anything, we let go along the way to help them grow. We pray and hope their lives and experience will be positive, providing a framework of growth that will help them become vibrant, self-directed adults… to “be what they want to be” when they grow up. 

In the process, we learn more about ourselves… our strengths and weaknesses, and are faced with the knowledge that we really don’t know very much at all.  Being a parent can be a humbling experience!   As he climbed aboard the bus today I couldn’t help but marvel at his optimism… the sparkle in his eyes for going back to school.  Today, he was the strong one.

Best friends at home

Best friends at home… the Yellow Lab will miss his playmate during the school day!

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