A Full Day

August 23rd, 2007

     Another warm summer day… an understatement!   But it was a productive day, and it seems life is busier than ever.  Up early this morning and got the young one off to school.  He enjoys the sights of nature, and we shared the sunrise.  “What are you taking pictures of Dad?!”  he asks.  “Well, now that the sun is up, where do you see it?”  “Everywhere!” he says.  “Well, almost… and what about the trees?  Do they look nice?” I ask. “Yes! The sun is only halfway on the trunk” he says.  “Yeah, it’s pretty cool, huh?”  “Yep… ummm, can we go catch the bus now?”  “Oh… right, we better get going!”

I love the sun in the mornings, and how the trees are unveiled with light.  The pond is a beautiful backdrop.

 The trees are awakened by the morning sun.

The day grew bright, and cottony clouds drifted across the sky as I waited for the school bus to bring the young one home.  Small cumulus perhaps, but they are my favorites!

Clouds almost like cotton balls a beautiful summer afternoon.

The moon has been out lately… pictures cannot do justice to the moonlight in the trees, and how the landscape is wonderfully shadowed.  In this picture, the flash illuminates the trees on the slope to the pond.

The moon shines above the trees at night

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  1. How big is that pond of yours? In terms of surface area, would it be a few acres do you suppose?

  2. Hi Pablo- It’s only abou 1.4+ acres… although it seems bigger! It™s like a long triangle with the dam as the base. The house sits up the slope overlooking the middle of the pond. It™s shallow to about 8² deep over the first third, and then steadily deeper to about 24 feet in the middle near the dam. But it does look bigger where the view from the house is- only about 75 yards away.

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