Getting Around in Style

August 28th, 2007

The tools one uses to accomplish tasks can make your life much easier, or harder, depending upon how you use them…  we are fortunate to have a well used “off-road” golf cart as a tool for accomplishing things around the property.  It was actually purchased by my father before we lived here, probably in part because he had a difficult time walking in his later years, and maybe even more because he loved golf so much! 

Regardless of the reasons why, the “workhorse” has proven it’s value for the utility it provides.  The summer has been so dry that we are also fortunate that my mother had obtained a large plastic barrel for water… it has a hose attached at the bottom, and we simply fill the barrel from the garden hose and drive it around the property watering trees and shrubs as the need dictates.  For the last few months that has meant watering every week or more, and still a few of the trees and shrubs didn’t make it.  But what a practical time saver!  The cart gets a little unstable on the slopes, so we tie it in with bungie cords.  The water sloshes all around, but that’s okay.  I can drive and hold the hose for watering at the same time.  The cart is also useful for hauling material.  Last year I put up two cords of wood using the back of the cart to transport the split logs. 

Driving across the pond dam hauling brush.

The œworkhorse golf cart is really useful!

When I cut brush for chipping or burning, I’ll use a lightweight 20 foot cable and tie it around the brush to drag behind the cart.  That has been a backsaver… I only wish I had thought of it last year when I dragged most of the brush by hand. Doh!  And we get a lot of use from it during the school year when taking the young one to and from the bus stop at the end of the driveway… it’s not that long, but almost a quarter mile of gravel.  In a few more years he’ll be walking.  We don’t use it as much in the winter, but for three of four seasons it’s a wonderful tool… and the dogs love it, the Basset and Lab pile in with us making quite a spectacle as we putter around the property.  I use the tractor for the heavy stuff, but for really getting around, this little golf cart does a fine job.


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