Summer Wanes, Fall is Coming!

August 31st, 2007

     A beautiful morning today… it was 65 degrees F!   Crisp, cool and clear… the sun rose and the day just felt fresh.  This week has been a time of watering, weeding and cutting… and the place is looking a little better.  The weeds still declared victory this summer and I failed miserably with keeping them under control.  I tried to use very little chemicals this year, and to keep the garden organic.  Boy is that a lot of work!  Realistically, we didn’t prepare enough for the summer with mulch and such.  So next year I’ll be laying a lot of newspapers and weed barriers, and then a lot more mulch.    But yesterday we also stocked some more minnows and two Koi!  The fathead minnows will serve as forage and help the larger fish populations in the pond… they should last 1-2 years, and hopefully have one more breeding cycle this year.  The Koi?  Well… I just like them.  We have three stocked from last year that did very well.  They wander around the pond foraging on the bottom and the surface.  These two were a little smaller… I hope they make it!

This is kind of strange… I planted a little Crabapple tree last year, and it was hit hard by the lack of rain this year.  I watered it regularly, but still is struggled… and now bloomed again!  Our early Spring freeze got the flowers that bloomed in April, but I didn’t know they could flower again in August!  I wonder if it will bloom next Spring?  Anyone want to venture a guess?

A little Crabapple tree blooming in August! 

This is a picture of one of my favorite stumps in the pond… well, actually I like most of the few stumps that are in the pond.  They make good shelter for fish (and fishing!) and act as “depth markers” for the water level.  I can see at a glance how the water changes from week to week, or after heavy rain.  But really- I think I like something else that I can’t quite pinpoint.  Maybe the remnants of the tree that once was?  In any event, this picture shows the sun and reflections from this morning… if you look closely, you can see the little waves of fog near the water around the stump.  It was just cool enough for the surface fog to form after the sun came up. 

A favorite stump in the pond in early morning.

     Fox Haven will be quiet again until next week as we head for a lake and campsite.  Labor Day always seems like the final “Hurrah!” for the summer… I guess it really is.  The Fall and school will continue in earnest next week, and we’ll all be back to the grindstone.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Are your koi the brightly colored kind? I’ve thought about putting some in my pond (and lake if it ever holds water), but I figured that the herons and raccoons would get them easily because of their bright coloring. Sounds like you’re having some success.

  2. Hi Pablo- Yes, most of them are the orange white and black kind, mostly orange coloration. I put three in last year, and they doubled in size without even feeding them. We do have herons at times, but mostly in early summer. The Koi cruise around the pond eating from the bottom, sometimes algae on the surface, etc. I like them just to see lazing around at times. I don’t know if they affect anything in the water, but everything seems fine!

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