September Fun at Mark Twain Lake

September 4th, 2007

     We had a great Labor Day weekend at Mark Twain Lake in northeast Missouri.  We were lucky to find a last-minute reservation at one of the campgrounds right on the lake, along with several hundred other people of course!  But it was very nice… many families were there with kids and boats, and the lake provided a cool refuge from the heat of late summer.  We even caught a bunch of Crappie one day for an evening fish fry.  The lake itself is very large, and has many coves and inlets with flooded timber.  It’s a perfect lake for those who like to cruise around on pontoon houseboats, or smaller fishing boats, but a lot of people had larger boats too.  Aside from fuel for getting there, it can be an inexpensive trip… pack your own food and the campground is $18-$20 per night.  The weather was optimal, although I’m always careful to keep a weather eye out for thunderstorms and high winds.  The lake is big enough that you don’t want to be caught out in a storm.  But it was a nice weekend, and the perfect way to say farewell to summer!

A view of the northwest arm of Mark Twain Lake in late afternoon.

 Late afternoon at Mark Twain Lake

The young one loves to ride the tube even when the water is choppy… he bounces all around, but we take it easy enough to stay fun.  Seems like every time we go he says “Faster! faster!”  Some of the tubes pulled by boats had 3-4 people in them!

 Kids love to ride in the tube!

And this morning, it was time again to meet the school bus… the sun rises with the warmth of the morning, but soon it will be clouds and cooler weather!

Morning in early September time for the school bus!

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  1. My kids always like to ride on the tubes behind the boat. I never saw the appeal in it, but they sure did.

  2. I’m the same way…. I’d rather drive anyway! :)

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