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September 7th, 2007

    We’ve been so busy lately!  For some reason September brings a sense of urgency for getting things done, and catching up where we have been behind.  Maybe the dwindling daylight hours tell us that the year will be winding down in a few months… Fall is almost here and Winter is coming.   The weather has finally changed and we’ve had 2-3 days of rain.  The trees were really showing the stress from the summer heat and drought, but this should refresh everything. Between school and home projects I’m also planning for the Fall hunting season.  Not sure how much I’ll be able to get out this year, but it will be the Lab pups first season… I have to get him on some birds!  Maybe I can meet some other hunters and work together…  My other goals over the next couple of months involve property maintenance and “habitat management.”  Most of which is human habitat!  But there are many grassy areas and wooded borders I want to manage not only for wildlife, but also erosion prevention, etc. 

     Conservation has little to do with preservation when it comes to habitat and wildlife management.  It’s more about sustainability and stewardship of resources, including striking a balance for resource needs and environmental needs.  I think of myself as an ardent conservationist more than an environmentalist.  Some people think in terms of preservation whenever “the environment” is brought to mind.  I can see that… we have many special places that we should preserve for future generations. 

Yet I think it is more than simply preservation.  As the human population grows, I think we must consider not only the impact we will have on the environment, but also consider the resource needs  we will have.  I believe we can work to achieve balance, and that stewardship and management of resource sustainability over time will best serve the needs of humans and the environment.  

Education is critical, especially in developing nations and third-world countries where industrialization is expanding at a rapid pace.  The technology that is now available can be very destructive in the wrong hands, but concurrently it can be very beneficial, especially where people need assistance and struggle for survival.    What do you think?  And how do you view conservation and environmental stewardship?

     On the topic of conservation,  while I was browsing the Missouri Department of Conservation website for information, I came across a wonderful new tool they have called the Missouri Fish and Wildlife Information System (MOFWIS).  This is a searchable database containing information and pictures of more than 900 Missouri species of fish and wildlife… I checked a few species out and the system works pretty well.  You can even search by life history, geographical location (county), habitat, etc.  

I really think the Missouri Department of Conservation does an amazing job with technology and providing education and resources to Missouri citizens.  We have one of the strongest conservation agencies in the country.   The monthly Missouri Conservationist is a wonderful magazine as well.  The pictures are beautiful and the articles are always very informative.  If you’re a Missouri citizen, the magazine is free, and out-of-state subscriptions are only $7 per year!

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