Sunset After the Rain

September 7th, 2007

    This evening was simply beautiful… a heavy rainstorm stopped just before sunset, and we wandered around marveling at the sky. 

      As I walked to the pond, I saw the setting sun peeking through the trees…

 Sunset through the trees in August

     I looked up to see the orange highlighted clouds…

 Evening clouds at sunset in August

     And then walked quickly to the other end of the hillside looking westward over the pond.  Something about the looming darkness at sunset is so mysterious… and yet inviting. 

 August sunset over pond

     I’ve noticed this week that the Nighthawks have begun their annual migration south.  They fly very high almost as solitary birds, yet a few hundred feet apart.  I counted more than 50 this evening as they lazily flew overhead, and took this picture… apologies for the poor quality, but they were flying so high that all I could get was a fuzzy outline that I tried to brighten with my software.  You can just make out the telltale wingbars of the Nighthawk.  It was interesting that they were not calling as they do in summer… usually on summer evenings you can hear the nasally “psshh” call, but tonight they were all business on their way south.

Common Nighthawk way up high!

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