Foggy Pond and Chubby Fungi

September 15th, 2007

     Up early this morning as the sun came up… Brrr!  The air was so cool that the warm water of the pond had fog rising from the surface.  I can’t believe it’s almost Fall!  But I do love the crisp, cool days :)

Fog rising from the warm pond on a cool September morning


Speaking of mushrooms, here’s a chubby little fellow…. what the heck is it called!? Funny how when you start to think about something, you begin seeing them everwhere!

A chubby mushroom what kind is it!?

2 Responses to “Foggy Pond and Chubby Fungi”

  1. That mushroom you have there is a puffball. I’m an Ozark dweller keeping a nature journal like you.

  2. Thanks Divinebunbun. Puffball… an appropriate name :) Are these the ones that evetually turn brown, and “poof” out that dust in winter or early Spring? Spores I imagine, but just wondering.

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