Basset Hound Sunrise and Dam Thoughts

September 17th, 2007

   This morning I thought I had a nice picture of the sun coming up.  A little hound dog came running across the viewfinder as I took the picture. He likes to spend his morning running hither and yon, with his nose-to-the-ground most of the time.

The ˜ole Basset runs across the field at sunrise


     Pablo had me thinking about pond and lake dams.  I don’t know much about engineering them, or why they are constructed in various ways. Wider would seem to be better…   But I wandered around this morning, and thought I’d get a larger perspective.  I came to the conclusion that I truly cannot imagine trying to manually cut grass on a dam that is much steeper than this.  If it doesn’t wear you out completely, then you risk brief periods of starving the machine’s engine of oil.  I use a DR Brush Mower, and while it handles our dam slope okay (still wants to roll over), it sometimes coughs and sputters and is a real bear to maneuver.  The lightest machine you can find with enough horsepower and cutting strength would be ideal.  There are also some really cool machines that will cut up to 34 degree slopes, but kind of pricey unless you have enough work for it over time.  A hand-held brush cutter also works pretty good, but takes a while.  And by the way, good cleated boots or soccer cleats are really helpful!   I think my real solution is for the day we finally have some goats.  I’m just going to stake a couple out in the middle of the dam and let them at it. :)

An overall view of the pond and dam

If you’re building a farm pond or small lake, a wider dam and shallower engineered slope may make it much easier to maintain over time.

Slope of dam and golf cart

Another view of dam slope and golf cart

2 Responses to “Basset Hound Sunrise and Dam Thoughts”

  1. Janet

    The photo of the basset hound against the sunrise is absolutely beautiful! I rec’d a Google alert (basset) with a link to you blog – so glad I checked it out! :o)

    Janet (aka ‘BassetMom’!)
    Mesquite, TX

  2. Hi Janet- That’s so neat… his name is Justin. He’s about 9 years old now, and has the run of lots of land. He’s a good ‘ole man :)

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