Flowers at Summer’s End

September 19th, 2007

      Many flowers have begun blooming again.   This week is warmer, but probably the last very warm week of the year.  A fitting tribute to summer’s end perhaps.

I found this beautiful apricot rose open at sunrise.

An apricot rose blooming in September 

The butterflies love the sedum plants in flower. 

What a neat plant… drought tolerant, easy to grow, beautiful in flower.

 Pink Sedum blooms everywhere in late Summer

And below is Sweet Autumn Clematis in full flower.  It’s very beautiful, and very fragrant.  Almost reminds me of Jasmine.  Some say this plant can be invasive and escape from the garden to the surrounding borders and forest.  We have not experienced that in the Zone 5/6 weather, and the plant is at least 5 years old.

Fragrant white flowers of Sweet Autumn Clematis

Speaking of invasive, I know these are wild Morning Glory flowers, but they are growing everywhere!  They seem to appear when you least expect them.  This one is growing around a small shrub, claimed by the drought and heat this summer.  There’s something about them I like…

Wild Morning Glory vines are everywhere

     It doesn’t seem like Summer should be coming to an end for the year.  Yet I see the light has a special color to it in the mornings and evenings, the droning of insects in the trees has grown quieter, and the birds seem quieter too.  I heard a Phoebe yesterday, but he’ll soon be gone, as will the Hummingbirds.  Everything has it’s season, and it’s time for Autumn.

3 Responses to “Flowers at Summer’s End”

  1. Mike

    how do these wild morning glory’s get to
    places or where do they come from
    do the birds eat the seeds anyways
    theirs tons of these that pop up
    at my dads work each year so this year
    i took 4 of them from the side of the building
    and their they where growing in rocks
    now they are growing in dirt in my back yard

    what im trying to do is to get as much wild
    flowers as i can for my cantaloup plants and watermelons because the potato-beetle is ruining my plants this year first it was the deer and now the potato-beetles thats why i need more flowers so it will attract the good bugs to fight off the bad bugs and i really don’t care what type or kind of flowers i get as long as it will work for the bad bugs the deer and these potato-beetles really can ruin a garden just in a month, i don’t see how my 3 cantaloups are still growing and the watermelon plant looks half dead no leaves on it because of the deer ate them all off but i like the deer.

  2. Mike

    i wonder why no one else left any comments about all these flowers

  3. Hi Mike… I like your idea about attracting the “good bugs”… the squash beetles just decimated my squash plants this year also. I think the Morning Glory plants around me spread by seeds and the roots are invasive… they take over everything! They’re not the same as the annual Morning Glory plants. Thanks for stopping by! :)

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