Larger Perspectives

September 20th, 2007

     Sometimes when we are at peace or opposition with the world around us it seems like nothing else exists but what we see or experience.  It’s not always easy to find that frame of mind where we can detach ourselves from the moment and leave the world’s cares behind; somehow I think that is a worthy exercise at times.   Even here with the tranquil beauty that the pond and land represents, we hear neighbors in the distance, cars traveling the country road and other noises of human endeavor at times.  But in more peaceful settings like this, it’s easier to feel the rhythm of the natural world, to experience timeless moments and the change of seasons, and maybe even to better understand the immutable nature of the spirit within each of us.  Yet it is, after all, simply a pond… a landscape of water.  We are the one’s who give it meaning, and define our experiences as memorable, joyful, sad or beautiful.  Maybe the pond’s reflective nature echoes that within us, and although it’s simply an element of the landscape, it’s a tangible representation of a larger perspective.  Something we all need at times.

The pond is a tranquil place, and means so much more

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