Colorful Sky and Snuggling Cat

October 2nd, 2007

     The weather forecast says we may have frost within the week!  Hard to believe the first frost of the year is almost here.  I always enjoy the last of the annual flowers and outdoor plants, yet the frost will snap most of them for the year.  The leaves have begun falling from the trees and slight color changes are beginning with sumac and maples.  It seems the grasshoppers are the most abundant insect around.  I cut the grass this evening and hundreds of them were jumping and flying as the mower passed.  Tonight we have rain, and I hear the steady falling of rain as well as the roar of heavy downpours as the thunderstorms pass.  We need the rain so much, it’s nice to finally know the ground will become saturated as we head towards winter.  The sky always amazes me… we were having dinner as I glanced outside last night.  “Look!” I said as I saw the clouds turning pink and red.  I grabbed the camera and raced outside to get a picture of the sunset’s painting in the sky, knowing it only lasts but moments.

 The clouds glow red at sunset

And here’s the young one curled up with Sparky the cat… he loves the kitties!

Boy and cat snuggling together

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