Moon Among the Leaves

October 5th, 2007

     Another warm fall day coming up!  We’ve hit 90 degrees this week which makes it nearly record highs for temperatures in the area.  I’m hoping we’ll still have many cooler days to enjoy without jumping straight into winter.   Seems like the pace of “things to do” is increasing, but that’s probably just my perception right now.

Maybe it’s a sign of the times as well, but it seems like there is hardly enough time to do what we want to do while focusing on what needs to be done.  Does that make any sense?  Sometimes I wonder how we get anything accomplished at all!   But while going to and fro, I try to take a few pictures and remember the little joys of each day.  I don’t always succeed by a large measure, but there’s usually something (or someone!) to remind me.

Autumn moon through the oak tree leaves

Yesterday I was walking under the canopy of oak trees and found the crescent moon between the leaves.  The leaves are still wonderfully green, but that will become “wonderfully colorful” in the weeks ahead.  It’s interesting though- when I see the moon in the sky above the trees, I can’t help but feel as a very small, integral part of the whole of planet earth.   It makes me wonder about so many things… those who have come before, and those who will be looking at the same moon long after we are gone.  Somehow that helps me appreciate each day a little more.

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