Bluebirds and Old Rowboats

October 11th, 2007

     A beautiful, but very cool morning of 42 degrees F (5.5 C) today.  There is dew everywhere and soon we will have frost.  I want to say “Wait!  We’re not ready yet!” when I think of the frost coming… I so enjoy the flowers still, and all that warmer weather brings.   

It seems the Bluebirds have come back near the house, and are playing around the nesting boxes.  Maybe they are just checking things out in anticipation of next year.

Eastern Bluebird

 And our Burt Dow boat of Petunias will soon be gone for the year.  We have enjoyed using this old rowboat for a planter under the trees.  That little boat has actually been in many different places, beginning its life on an east coast river near the ocean.  We paddled it around lakes and even the St. Lawrence River years ago.  In Missouri I would drag it to a fishing pond with a friend.  And it even floated around the pond here at Fox Haven in years past. Finally the wood became spongy and brittle after 30+ years, and it’s no longer “seaworthy”.  My favorite childhood story was “Burt Dow Deepwater Man”… he had an old boat filled with flowers in the book.  So we need to give this one a new coat of paint, and maybe next year fill it with more flowers! 

The Burt Dow boat of Petunias

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