Not Quite Autumn Yet

October 15th, 2007

     Can you believe it’s already the  middle of October?  I’m amazed how fast time seems to pass… almost without realizing it we are well into the Fall season.  But you wouldn’t know it from the warmer weather, and how the trees and shrubs are hanging on. The week ahead looks fairly warm as well, and we still haven’t had our first frost, thankfully!  I’m enjoying the flowers and lengthy growing season this year.  Perhaps it makes up for the late Spring freeze that nipped so many trees and shrubs.  But there are changes taking place, especially among the woodland shrubs and trees.  The leaves are just beginning to fall and make their annual carpet on the ground.  The color change is just beginning as well, but some of the trees remain totally green, hanging on to their “photosynthetic bounty.”  

A Red Oak leaf falls gently into the water, and floats slowly across the pond.

 Red Oak leaf floating on water

Farewell my green friends- the leaves of the trees provide so much… shade, privacy, peaceful shadows, whispering sounds and simple beauty.  As they change and fall away, we slowly enter the still grays of winter. 

Green leaves of the Oak trees before the color change in October

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