Breezy Thoughts

October 16th, 2007

     A breezy, cool fall day with the clouds racing by.  One of those days with shadows that come and go, almost inviting us out to play.  You can feel the energy around you as the wind blows leaves from the trees.  In a week or two it will reach a peak.  We love the days when the wind blows hundreds of leaves from the trees.  It’s fun to run and chase the leaves, trying to catch them and rolling in the grass.  Soon it will be time for our annual fall “leaf pile party” where we make huge piles of leaves to jump in.  The dogs usually join in the fun as we bury each other in the piles.  Then we use the tractor to chop them up… this year they will become mulch for next year’s garden. 

     Speaking of the garden, we still have about six jalapeno pepper plants growing.  Last week I picked almost one hundred peppers from the plants!  I am waiting to make some more pickled peppers- the first batch from August turned out pretty well.  The sweet and sour pickling mix gives a great flavor and cools off the hot spicy pepper taste.  There are a few more growing still, although they may not be mature by the time the first frost comes.  It’s fun to watch them grow this late in the season.   Enough for today- stay well!

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