October Days

October 21st, 2007

     No pictures today… I haven’t found one I really like in the past few days. But we’re also staying so busy- is it me, or does the season just get busier as we go along?  October days keep us moving around. Between chili suppers, school family fun nights, birthdays and parades, our weekend has been full.  We hope to go to a neat pumpkin farm nearby today and get our Halloween pumpkins.  It’s sort of a tradition, we’ve been going for over four years in a row.  Many little pumpkin farms have popped up in recent years, with some of them focusing too much on the commercial aspects.  But they’re trying to make a living too, and we like buying things from local farmers if possible.   Goodness though, it has been such a beautiful weekend!  Not to last long however, as the rain, clouds and cold are coming… time to get serious about that.  Putting hoses away, winterizing equipment, stacking wood, and the list goes on.  I’ll find some new pictures after today… have a great week!

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