Trees, Leaves and a Sunny Breeze

October 24th, 2007

    Certain days in October feel so energizing to me.  The cool mornings and warm afternoons seem to provide an incentive to get a lot done outdoors.  Plus it just feels good, and looks nice with the colors and changes after a long, hot summer.  In some ways, I wish the fall season would last longer… maybe six months of fall and six months of spring!  Hmmm… doubt there’s anywhere quite like that is there?  Yesterday started out so cool, about 45 degrees F, but  then warmed up into the high 60’s.  The leaves are falling more and more each day, especially if it’s windy.  But in late afternoon the wind was just a gentle breeze with the sunlight filtering through the trees and around the pond… one of my favorite views.

 October afternoon with the sun on trees and pond

The Yellow Lab enjoys wandering around while I do chores and take pictures.  I finally completed burning a large pile of brush.  It rained quite a while the day before, so the forest and grassy areas were wet, and the air was calm.  But the dog just played nearby the whole time.  He found a green walnut and threw it into the air, amusing himself for a good half hour.  He wanted to swim in this picture, but we just stopped by to check out the leaves in the water.  There will be a lot more soon!

The leaves are falling into the pond 

I dumped some of our grass and leaf mulch pile over the garden fence.  This fall we will put a lot more leaves into the mulch pile for next year.  Hopefully the garden will really be enriched over time.

Mulch from leaves and grass piled for the garden

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  1. Wonderful post!

  2. Hi Pablo- Thanks, and I appreciate you stopping by… it’s a great time of year!

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