First Frost but Still Warm.. and Colorful!

October 29th, 2007

     It was a busy and productive weekend.  The weather turned very cool for a few days and we’ve had our first frost, yet it was a gentle frost.  The flowers and green leaves remain on the annuals and other plants.  Now it’s warming up again… I don’t remember late October being this warm, and we may see the same weather into November this year.  I’m not complaining mind you, just an observation! 

The autumn colors are really showing in most of the trees now.  The Oaks have an eclectic mix of color with the reds and yellow-brown showing up the most.  I really like the sunlight as it shines through the branches of the trees; these are from a White Oak tree.

 Autumn color of White Oak leaves

The landscape isn’t all color yet however, with a few Oaks and a Redbud still remaining green.  It almost feels like summer, but there are fewer birds and insects.  For the absence of the latter I am very thankful!  If you look closely you can see our two cats, the gray Princess and Sparky with his white chest.

Green landscape remains in October with Cats sitting in the distance 

The pond’s surface changes so often from day to day, with various qualities dependent upon wind, light and clouds.  Today a light breeze was just enough to make ripples gently flow across the pond.

Ripples on the pond

I was very excited today- the state highway department finally stopped by to work on the erosion problem near the road.  In some places there were 2-3 feet+ deep ruts hidden by the grass.  But the rain would wash down the hill with enormous velocity… and mud.  I couldn’t get them to look at it last year, but this year I did have a chance to show it to someone from the department, and they agreed it needed some work.  I simply asked for rocks and volunteered to pitch in, but they brought out a whole crew and did a wonderful job today grading and filling with heavy rock to prevent it from becoming worse.  When the water used to run down the roadside ditch, it would cut across and join a creek from below the pond, wearing more away each year.  But now it will be slowed enough for the vegetation to grow back and prevent further damage.  I’m very thankful… There are always solutions to problems!  This picture is looking down the slope of the road near the top of the hill.

Roadside erosion prevention with rock and grading

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