Is It Really November?

November 1st, 2007

      Is it really November already?  I don’t know where the year went, but here we are.   Halloween night was really fun, but now we await the first real freeze of the year tonight.  Today I cleaned up the garden a little, picked the last green tomatos and peppers, and even transplanted a vibrant Jalapeno pepper plant indoors.  It’s such a large and beautiful plant, that I want to see how long I can keep it growing over winter.  Several of the pepper plants already succumbed to the early frost this week, but this one plant just keeps on growing.  Just like the Petunias… they are still flowering beautifully, so I went around and covered several containers.  I just couldn’t let them go yet, or maybe I want to see how long they can keep growing.  I don’t really know, but we’ll have a little more warm weather this weekend.  Next week the real cold finally arrives, and we’ll probably bid goodbye to the green leaves and flowers, the grasshoppers, ladybugs and bees.  All still remain, warming to the day. 

The Petunias just grow and grow, and their color adds to the beautiful shades of Autumn.

 Petunias color the landscape even on the first day of November

As I walked by a Juniper tree yesterday, I found a large 3-4 inch Praying Mantis hiding inside.  I didn’t see any large ones all summer, but I did find the little ones crawling in the garden.   What happens to them?  I don’t know much of their life cycle.

A large Praying Mantis in November

2 Responses to “Is It Really November?”

  1. We kept of pot of pansies growing outside on our deck through the entire winter and into spring. This included periods of snow and ice.

  2. Really? Did you just cover them each night? Neat idea… must have been fun to have flowers in the midst of snow.

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